Shaped by God’s Heart


In year 1999, I first came across the book Missional Church I was captured by the theological vision of church offered in the book. Now, of course I also recognized the differences in context where the book emerged from i.e. North America, but the theological reflection provided me with some framework to explore what concerns me here in Malaysia as well (especially increasingly we import often the best and many a times sadly the worst from outside of our country.).

Interestingly a couple of weeks ago, I managed to get a hold of a kind of “practical version” in the form of Milfred Minatrea’s book Shaped by God’s heart: The Passion and Practices of Missional Churches and it kind of brought me full cycle (or the center) to where I started from when I envisioned a church I’d like to be part of!

Here’s some quotes from the Missional Church Center where the author is the director:

“A missional church is a reproducing body of authentic disciples being equipped as missionaries sent by God to live and proclaim His Kingdom in their world.

Mission is the essence of the church, the reason for which His body exists. The mission is His, not ours. Each Christian is called into relationship with Him and sent as His emissaries. The missional church understands; every Christian is sent by God as His missionary.”

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