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One thing about staying in KL/PJ is that we don’t get to witness a sunset like this one (which I was pretty happy to capture in Port Dickson two days ago!)

It was nice to read this reflective piece by one brethren (small b) who’s determined not to blunder – Plymouth Reloaded. I just spoke in a special evening service organised by the nearby brethren assembly which was nice. Anyway, the piece made me think about my small “l” – Lutheran heritage again. I was pretty tickled when a friend of mine visited an Anglican church lately expecting liturgy but got a big dose of Charismatic excitement … I know I’m first and foremost a Christ-follower … but reality tells me I’m not a a-historical person.

With more than 40 comments Maggi has done it again (i.e. stir up a good conversation!) with her piece – Resentment and theologians. Jonny Baker responds here. I used to have some pretty good chit chat seasons over tea or lunch with a NT specialist and it kept me on my toes .. and he felt free to pick on my experimantal ideas. I think I’d like to resume this practice. Let’s see … first Seminari theoloji Malaysia must accept me for the Master’s programme huh? 🙂

It was nice to eavesdrop on Professor James D.G. Dunn (it’s the first time I’m hearing his voice) and Bishop N.T. Wright’s “An Evening Conversation on Jesus and Paul” and also download some lectures here (here’s is when I pause and thank God for the internet, amen! Thank Paul Fremont for the link)

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