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CNN LARRY KING LIVE: America’s Most Influential Evangelicals
After skimming through the transcript, I realized why I never bought a “Left Behind” book. I was suprised by TD Jakes and counldn’t help but resonate with the little that Brian McLaren had to say (or was given time to say). I was drawn to a comment by one of the callers when she said,

“Good evening, Larry. Good evening to your panel. I would like to preface my comment to Mrs. LaHaye by saying that I highly respect Reverend Jakes and Mr. McLaren because they seem to be the most compassionate, understanding and open-minded of the evangelicals.”

Thanks to the voiz for providing Larry King Live Interview with Brian McLaren: Video Highlights (via Planet Emergent)

The Church and Mission: Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind
My two favorite subjects that fill my bookshelves. Thanks to Gobi fof highlighting this quote:

“THE GOSPEL is global good news. Thinking globally, God acted locally. The gospel is good news about personal, social, ecological, and cosmic healing and reconciliation. It is good news to the whole creation—to the whole earth and in fact to the cosmos.”~ Howard A. Snyder, Global Good News

Open Space Technology
Now the ideas here really opened up space in my mind about conversations, learning, and how we can organize ourselves and more importantly get things done!

Make Poverty History
I love the opening once I click on the site and the mantra “make poverty history” really sticks in my mind … now it’s what’s next? and how?

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