Hi Bob … I’m Gareth!


Finally they meet face to face 🙂 It was quite an exciting experience for Gareth (2 year and 4 months old) bump into Bob the Builder at KLCC last Monday.

Actually, I think I was the one who got REALLY excited first! It’s been really enjoyable these past few months especially as May Chin and I strike fun “conversations” with Gareth. Topics revolve around “colours”, “shapes”, “trains”, “birds”, “What’s papa or mummy’s name? what’s his name?”, “counting from 1-20” (we try …), “ants” (which he has some personal hostility against – May Chin has that for lizards and cockroaches!) .. and much more.

We sing “Jesus, name above all names” with him in the car. Other personal favorites are “Give me Oil in my lamp”, “Hallelu, Hallelujah!”, a few days ago we tried “Your love is amazing!”. Oh yeah .. not forgetting the African song “Neh Noh lita si Mama!”

Of course, there’s the routine “The Lord’s Prayer” before he sleeps. And the big “Amen” at the end truly completes the day. We’re so grateful as we recollect all these special moments. There are times of discipline as well, it’s the whole package. And now, we await baby No. 2. Kind of finalized the Chinese name, now the English one … hmmm ….

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