Random Links 6

the 50 Most Influential Christians in America
Ah … another list for our reference. I think many of us in Malaysia would recognize more names here than the Times list. I was definately surprised to see some names make it (“Oh, I didn’t know he was a Christian” kind of reaction). Brian McLaren was excluded (not noticed) though 😛

Idealab Library: The Off The Map idea resource center…
I really like the practical and thoughtful ideas shared here. The “McLaren & Hunter — What would you guys do?” section has been a personal favorite.

Top Jobs 2005
I know lots of people with top jobs! of course, pastors, theologians, missionaries, church planters, etc. are always under the radar.

Top 10 Future Careers
hmmm as usual pastors are not included. 😛 But we know better 🙂 ha!

(Thanks alwyn for the two job/career links)

Emergent ’05 San Diego Blog
It was appropriate for the desert pastor to close his episode at the convention with a picture of a fountain! I love the video clips …

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