Random Thoughts before mini-gathering

I couldn’t resist taking this shot. It’s so nice to drive around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya during Chinese New Year. It’s almost empty on some roads 🙂

Saw the Fantastic Four Trailer that sparked some childhood memories of enjoying the Fantastic four cartoons on TV. Had a look at the movie website .. hmmm …

On a more serious note, it’s refreshing to read a new non-western blog by Joseph Oloya Hakim (Thanks Joel for the link)

Last night it was good to catch up with my room mate from seminary, we still laugh at the same stories and relive those fun moments when we were in classes. I’m glad that there’ll be some movement as far as his and his wife’s lives are concerned. I’m looking forward to see “new possibilities” for them.

I got this weekly blessing in my email inbox today … good during this holiday break and now transitioning back to normal life very soon. Starting tomorrow…

“O God, your Word tells me that,
whatever my hand finds to do, I must do it with my might.
Help me today to concentrate with my whole attention on whatever I am doing,
and keep my thoughts from wandering and my mind from straying.

When I am studying, help me to study with my whole mind.
When I am playing, help me to play with my whole heart.
Help me to do one thing at a time, and to do it well.
This I ask for Jesus’ sake.”

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