Random Links 11

The Baby Name Wizard’s NameVoyager
This ia a really cool Java site … of course when keying in the names Sivin or Gareth the following wors popped up, “No names starting with Sivin (or Gareth) were in the top 1000 names in any decade.”

Random Name Generator
If I were a stylish girl … Noe Adila Kit could be my name (that was during the first try *hahaha*) Have fun!

Bi-Vocational Ministry (Part II)
Interesting peek into bi-vocational ministry.

The Christian Calendar
Since being more conscious of the church year or Christian calendar I appreicate words like this more, … “Our secular calendar has its beginning with the Roman Empire where on January 1 Roman state officials took office. The Christian calendar is to be a daily reminder that we are first citizens of the kingdom of God and secondly citizens of the state and culture.”

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