Random Links 12

I’ll need a cup of coffee to walk through these excellent pieces (Thanks JYG for linking me back to Christian Counter Culture).

Welcoming but not affirming: Homosexuals & the Church.
I heard that in the Chinese church scene in Malaysia there’s some controversy from a certain individual and a book he published and launched lately. I haven’t read it yet but I can already feel the reactions from a variety of people. We can’t ignore this just because the matter is less vocal in our context. It’s there.

The Way of Love: Turning Judgement to the Love of God
I’ve got the book … like the diagrams. Love it when the names Boyd and Bonhoeffer go together and have some interaction here and there. But it’s the central thesis of the title that draws me.

Loving Those We Oppose: Love in the Midst of controversy
I told some people lately there’s a difference between suicide and martyrdom – when it comes to raising questions, challenging people or introducing change. I guess that was more about the “wisdom” spectrum or keep the “mind” sober. Like it or not … it’s never just about being smart or street wise. Matters of the ” “heart” and attitude must not be neglected.- as Spener put it so well, “… disputing is not enough either to maintain the truth among ourselves or to impart it to the erring. The holy love of God is necessary.”

Growing the Kingdom: How Christians really influence our world
I’ll be reading this piece in the context of the whole context of the “Evaluating Church Growth” book I mentioned before which is alread quite an engaging read even before I come to Snyder’s chapter 🙂

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