Unsung Sages

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The first time I met Michael Lee was when I was a Christian Fellowship president in a secondary school at one of the Scripture Union camps. Strangely, we managed to connect more the last few months and especially the last few weeks as I rethink and re-do the children’s ministry. He was the first to mention Godly Play to me. He’s a genuine never-stop learning veteran in this area. In fact, I actually was really impressed when I drove one of his former campers (who’s now grown up) and could see the simple and yet significant impact Michael had on his life in the long term. That says a lot to me.

Through Michael, I was introduced in one whom I’ll call the Intergenerational Guru and advocate for Christian education and Church. Dr. Allan Harkness (whom I later found out is the editor of the Journal of Christian Education). We had dinner on sunday night at Pastor Micky Kua’s place. he’s defintaly not an ivory tower scholar but one who’s passionately practical as well. It’s just great to get energized by Sages who share not only knowledge and insights but practical reflections, ideas and lessons. I got two of Dr. Allan’s articles and they are exactly what I needed (plus a bonus new revised book by him entitled “Praying together” (according to him I’m the second one in Malaysia who has it!! It’s ok not to be no. 1 huh? who cares .. my wife says it’s a good book). I must say, it’s been a great week so far. And it’s just Tuesday.

Both of them came by the Father’s House around 4.30pm a while ago. And it’s like when the kids last Sunday get their second blessing from the greeters. I felt myself getting a second dose of encouragement by one sage who’s a thoughful practioner and another sage who’s a practical scholar. Both of them shared more than knowledge and experience, they shared life, passion and joy in serving in their respective callings.

I heard or read from somewhere that more and more the local churches would be looking for church consultants to help them in developing and growing churches. Well, for me having the chance to hang out, laugh, interact with wise men like these two has been most rewarding … I know they’ve paid the price (and are still paying it) to do what they do. And to just think about the blessing of getting their wisdom for FREE and having a new friendship/connection with them is just … what can I say … I’m speechless. 🙂 At least, i must record my thanks to them and to God. Amen!

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