Random Links 15

A national spotlight shines on local pastor (via Stephen Shields)
who said a “local” pastor can’t have “regional” or even “global” influence? 🙂 we’re in a GLOCAL world aren’t we? … even if not totally

Beyond Bullets
I kind of “intuitively” was moving this direction … this guy really takes it deeper and further.

Blink and The Wisdom of Crowds: How to improve the decision-making environment.
awesome exchange between the authors and totally stimulating as I read it while waiting for May Chin to come down from her office (loads of articles are read this way!) and will finish it afterwars before I sleep. Seems there will be more the next few days here

Apologetics and Theology Both Need to Change
now the word “embodied” just keeps popping up lately! Good corrective.

Hotel Rwanda
when are they going to show it here in Malaysia?

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