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There’s more to Joel than globetrotting through the ministry of Servlife huh ?… he’s a juggler too!

Joel Vestal was in town this week to see what can be done to get his book printed. It’s been a very good learning experience for me as well as I sat with him during the discussions with the relevant peopple on issues ranging from paper thickness to how to print the cover, shipping costs, etc. Some of these lessons have been very useful at least for general knowledge. Here’s a Sneak Preview of the book.

But of course, that’s more of the closing labour pangs (in some ways) to see the birth of the book. I’m still trying to conceive some ideas and see how to get two articles out. Blogging is ok and fun but writing articles or even a book … now that’s quite a different ball game.

I manage to stumble on No Train, No Gain Writing Resources which looks helpful.

I’m also checking out these powerpoints from an upcoming conference. Writing for Your Mother– what a cool title. And of course the more serious, How to Write a Book Proposal

Maybe someday I’ll manage to juggle my way into writing a book and beyond. 🙂 For now, it’s working on this weeks interactive message, finish one article, prepare for part two of the children’s “orientation” program, and a number of others immediate concerns. Ah … I’m looking forward to have supper with Juggling Joel tonight before he flies off again.

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