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Adbusters: The big ideas of 2005 – #57 Jan/Feb 2005
The beauty or peril about ideas is that we can have some “space” in our minds to explore them, understand them, refine them, be changed by them, …. and then we choose to do something about it or decide other wise.

So what does Dr. Carver Yu have to say on this. I recall our coffee time together to be extremely stimulating.

What is expected of a Senior Pastor to replace Brian Mclaren?
I found the references pretty cool …
Please supply us with six references:
A. Someone you have helped spiritually.
B. Someone who has been a mentor/example to you.
C. Someone who has been critical of you or an antagonist toward your leadership.
D. A peer or colleague.
E. Someone to whom you reported and who had professional oversight for you.
F. A friend or neighbor who does not regularly attend church.

Whats does an emergentYS convention look like?
What if we managed to pull something like this off but with a mix of our own Malaysian sages with friends and wise women/men from overseas together? Nice brochure 🙂 The learning communities look fantastic and from what I heard/read … they were.

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