Elysia Kit Kye Xin


Well, when we said ready? Both of the girls were ready. Get set … Mummy was all packed up and kind of started feeling the contractions more this morning. We had a great time at the park this morning as a family – all four of us. A good lunch … in the afternoon. And then off we go to the hospital …

May Chin has my vote for amazing mum … ok I’m biased. 🙂

And it was just fabulous to see how our daughter became so still and silent once she was at mummy’s side hearing her heartbeat, listening to the soothing voice, and welcomed into this world with a sense of security that one is loved.

Indeed you are … loved. Welcome, Elysia Kit Kye Xin. We love you.

Many thanks to all who showed their love and support through prayer and “cheers” in all sorts of ways. And we give thanks ultimately to the Father, Son and Spirt – who creates, redeems and shapes us.

We all can love because God has first loved us.

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