Random Links 21

Politics and the Christian Faith
So who’s left, right, or center? interesting chart.

Michael Polanyi: Towards a Transpropositional Mode of Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation
The first time I heard the name Michael Polanyi was in my theology classes … this “personal knowledge” idea totally resonates with me. and to see it applied to leadership and spirituality is hmm … fascinating.

Women in the New Testament: A middle eastern cultural view
The first time I heard Kenneth Bailey’s name was related to the Parables – totally insightful… looking forward to check this out.

Bloggers 7 Deadly Sins
It’s good to keep ourselves in check.

Global Thoughts from U2s Frontman
Is it true he might be the head of World Bank? hmm…. let’s see what he has to say (or sing) (via templa la vida)

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