“Separated” for a while …

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Elysia is admitted today for jaundice (nothing serious just that the level is a bit high) and mummy is with her now (for breastfeeding and hopefull some rest). Gareth is asleep after I took the above picture. Parenthood is quite a responsibility and we willingly embrace our children from the one who’s entrusted them to us. It’s amazing how as parents there’s a surge of extra energy when we need it.

It was quite a smooth process to put Gareth to sleep tonight. He’s pretty tired. We spent some time talking and singing. The contents of the conversation included how come baby sister Elysia and mummy is missing tonight. We sang John 3:16 in Mandarin together. I always find “the kit boys time together” always very special.

Both May Chin & I were hoping that Elysia didn’t need to be admitted. But the doctor advised it’s best to put her “under the light”. It’s pretty common nowadays … and even though we know it’s going to be ok and it’s part of the process but it doesn’t make it “easier”.

I managed to do a “talk” today at a music school with a bunch of teachers and staff there. It was interesting and slightly interactive. But, I would have prefered to have my mind fully focused on family matters. I felt I “should have” given myself more “space” in my schedule than agreeing to the talk after Elysia was born (initially I actually declined citing May Chin was due anytime).

Overall, it still turned out well (I was very open to take the talk because it gave me a chance to connect with those who are not Christians or unchurched plus it was kind of a favour for an old friend) … God is gracious in spite of our fumblings and stumblings. All of us somehow managed … whether it’s Gareth, May Chin or me. We just look forward to have Elysia back home soon. Take care young one … “The Lord be with you …”


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