Stanley J. Grenz 1950-2005


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“As some of you have already learned, our brother Stan went home this morning at around 4:00 am. There are hardly words to express the heartache and shock his loss brings. As a community, and as individuals who have been deeply touched by his brilliance and kindness, we will grieve this tragic event, and celebrate the life he lived for many years.

Please keep his wife, Edna, and his children Joel and Corina, and his granddaughter, Anika, in your prayers as the weight of their loss becomes more real in the days ahead.”

I’ve never met him personally. But his books and articles – quite a number of them had a personal impact in me. From what I’ve read from Jason Clark and read from other blogs his impact goes beyond his writings.

A lot of what he said kind of resonated with the journey I was in especially since 2000 till today …

Concerns of a Pietist with a Ph.D
The value of both head and heart matters came across strongly for me here. This article excited me even though I’m not a Ph.D. I googled this link while I was searching for stuff for my ordination paper on “Pietism”.

“Seven Questions”–An Interview with John O’Keefe of

Christian Faith in a Postmodern Society
The above two links helped me see his approach in engaging his context … which served as a model on how I could engage mine in Malaysia specifically and Asia in general.

(Pop) Culture: Playground of the Spirit or Diabolical Device?
He was one of the few who really engaged with the subject of pop culture. I was a youth pastor before I stumbled into what I’m doing now and pop culture was very much part and parcel of what I was trying to understand and even use to connect with the youth I was leading. Of course, what’s said here is not just for youth pastors … it’s part of a bigger picture.

Community & Relationships: A Theological Take
I found his emphasis on community and relationships really resonating with where I was heading since leaving seminary.

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