Random Links 23

Brian McLaren Remembers Stan Grenz
A deeply moving and meaningful eulogy. I wish I could have met Stanley in person, the personal aspects of this eulogy really touched me. The person behind the words we read is so much more than we could imagine. I guess we’ll just have to wait … we will meet on that day.

Stan Grenz: Tributes and Memorials
Very often during memorial and funeral services it’s the tributes and memorials that connect with me and brings me back to what’s important in life.

The Futures of Evangelicalism
I like the word “futures”, it reminds me of an emo album a younger friend of mine bought sometime ago and his comment that it’s not one future but many futures. Hm…. food for tought. (via Prodigal Kiwi)

Quarks + Creation
I read a couple of articles by John Polkinghorne – there’s a book hidden in MPH 1 Utama that I might get later. I think “chaos theory” is more than how my members know who to pass the communion little plastic cups to because we don’t have any appointed people to collect them (via Doug Pagitt)

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