Reading the Bible for the Love of God


I stumbled upon this in Glad Sounds Resource Center where I always pop by since it’s 2 minutes walk from my home 🙂 It’s at a special price of RM29.90 so that’s a good buy since most books are expensive. But it’s a gem …

As I was flipping through the pages, the following paragraph caught my eyes under the heading “Relativity and Relationship,

“… To say that all knowledge is relative may not be so far from saying that all knowledge is relational… To say that all knowledge is relative is not to say that there are no absolutes, but only to accept that we do not have absolute knowledge of the absolutes. We are not infallible, collectively or individually. In fact, “relativism” is often defined as the belief that all knowledge is relational.”

now that’s really thought provoking … but before one dismisses the book as some liberal garbage which it is not, The Discerning Reader calls it “An excellent, balanced book that corrects two extreme views about Bible reading. Refreshingly original, this is a must read.”

TheoCenTriC BooKShoP highlights the following about the book,
“It is possible to “believe the facts but miss the meaning” of the Bible. The purpose of the Bible is not to communicate scientific facts or objective history. Its purpose is to communicate the message of God to us in order that we might know God experientially through the Bible. “Words seek to communicate, to relate. God, through his Word, seeks a relationship with us” (p. 41). If the Bible is treated as a therapeutic textbook or science manual, it is being misused. The Bible shows us God’s heart by showing us Jesus and calls us to respond with personal loving trust in a personal God who personally speaks a message of good news to us through its pages. Reynolds book is a nice reminder of the importance of viewing Scripture as a means rather than an end – the difference between bibliolatry and knowing God!”

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