Random Links 26

Communality: an emerging church
It’s not really about being hip isn’t it? Anyway, this is a pretty good snapshot of a local expression of what “emerging church” means in a particular context. 🙂

Deconstructing Hell: Has Our Obsession with Hell Distorted the Gospel?
Spoilers ahead … but then again. I’ll probably still get a hold of the book. This is a very very relevant topic to wrestle with.

Worship, Art. Liturgy, & Preaching in the emerging culture
This is another event I would have loved to go, learn and interact with the speakers as well as participants. Maggi Dawn (She’s a plenary speaker .. cool!) , Jason Clark (doing a workshop on preaching!) is going to be there and others like Robert Webber, Sally Morgenthaler and Brian McLaren (plus many others) 😛 well it’s a little too far away, but then again we might be able to do a Malaysian flavored version here someday. I think we need it.

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