Journey to the Cross 2005


I’m delighted that the children of BLC can have a chance to put up one station this year. Wow! we’ve been doing this for at least 3 years!! We’re using Journey to the Cross by Faith Bosland as a basic guide. But, I could see that lots of creativity went into how the stations were set up. This year we also had previous years “stuff” we could re-use.

For a sneak preview of two other stations check here and here (of course, the excited members pretty much blocked the view!)

You can have a look at what we did last year here (click stations of the cross).

We will start tonight Monday 8-10pm at the Father’s House (people can come anytime during this time frame), continue opening the place Tuesday and Wednesday. We take a break on Thursday – and then return for Good Friday Worship Gathering.

My prayer is all who “walk this journey” would find our hearts and lives open to the gentle voice of God.

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