Random Thoughts while eating Oreo


These OREO cookies are pretty good. I’m going for another packet!

It’s good to get back to rhythm a little … especially as I felt a little “off rhythm” since the arrival of Elysia. Her eyes seemed to be wide open for a couple of nights.

some one asked me to put more personal stuff on the blog. let’s see what I can juggle … I don’t mind sharing … but there’s also a big part of me that want to point people to other people rather than to me 🙂 (thus the random links)

Gareth has “matured” a bit more the past weeks since Elysia came. There have been hard times too … I love it when he get’s into his “Bono-mode” and want to put on some shades (photo below)

Suddenly, I’ve been in the mood of reading some books I’ve read before of haven’t finish reading. And as usual, there’s another new one waiting. So much to process …

It’s also a good week to get ready for the next season of what’s going to happen in my personal and family life as well as church and ministry life. It’s been quite an interesting development thus far. Oh yeah, havent’ started much work on the Masters yet .. opps.

Happy to feel more “settled” after knowing what’s next in regards to where we’re staying, so, that’s good.

I was a little suprised with a “resignation” I heard lately. I think it’s for the better.

May Chin and I watched a DVD sent to us before dinner yesterday … we were kind of “entertained” by what we saw and yet … felt uncomfortable if this is the kind of diet fed to our churches here (or at least seen as the ideal) Lord have mercy.

I’m pretty excited to read and connect with some fellow Lutherans in the USA who seem to be moving forward rather than just being stuck! I cheer them on!

I’m going for another OREO this is my third small packet. Yummy …

Finished a questionaire a while ago. Strange questions … just try to answer lah.

Oh yeah .. I got another invitation to speak in a family camp. And through the phone conversations it’s facinating how I felt “some how a bit more prepared” for this … and what’s going on.

There’s a few appointments that didn’t materialize but hope to get going soon. But there’s similar themes revolving around the faith quest of youth and young adults, church, world and leadership. I’m still trying to piece the puzzle together.

Hope to have a series on “confessional style” blogs soon … or at least something more organized.

Well … I think I’ve got some pretty random thoughts posted now … it’s just freewheeling … and now the OREO.


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