Happy Birthday, Luv!


Many moons ago … May Chin’s Mom (who also has the same birth date!) went into labor on Labor Day and pop came this amazing woman … who’s now my amazing wife and wonderful mother of Gareth and Elysia. She’s a great friend to many in her own quiet way … she’s a good employee at work and a consistent faithful follower of Christ!

Happy Birthday, luv (Thanks to the “No name yet” LiFe Group for a simple pre-celebration yesterday(Gareth loves birthday celebrations as you can see)! I think she ages better than me … it must be the diet! 🙂

IMG_0268_maychin_elysia_park.jpg IMG_0254_maychin_elysia_room.jpg IMG_8513_small.jpg matrix_maychin_small.jpg sivin_maychin_kiss.jpg

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