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How is it With Your Soul? : The Renovare movement fosters spiritual development as the heart of social justice.
Yesterday someone at church leaked during his prayer that he wasn’t sure what the term “spiritual formation” meant. We laughed. Richard Foster, Dallas Willard and the Renovare movement helped me a lot during the last 10 years to understand the phrase and see how it works in my life.

What Significance Has ‘Postmodernism’ for Christian Faith?
“What makes Postmodernism so interesting today is that it lets us get on with business that we firmly believe we ought to be getting on with: careful discussion of those things that matter most in life.” That’s how Dallas Willard leads us in the discussion …

Spiritual Direction: Meaning, Purpose, and Implications for Mental Health Professionals
while looking for some diagrams on the model of a human person, I stumbled on this. The implications are helpful for pastors as well.

the missional leadership shifts
I love charts … they are more neat and tidy I admit but they do allow for clarity of thought and discussion. Then we’ll plunge back into the messiness of life and leadership again. Thanks Tony Sheng for the link!

Worship Tricks
Jonny Baker has done us a great service by compiling this. Thanks.

Purgatory for Everyone
Thanks to Alan Creech for raising this subject. I need more thought on this. It’s a touchy subject here.

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