Random Thoughts after Cameron


I just came back from the Lutheran Pastors Retreat at Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands. The last time I was at Cameron Highlands was as a speaker for a Campus camp. I’ve always liked Cameron … especially the cool weather.

Those of us there had more than one “roller coaster ride” emotionally as we got news that some members from one of our churches were affected by the blast in Myanmar. Even though 4 of them were hurt (including pre-school young boy), no injuries were life-threatening. So throughout the retreat we were trying to get latest updates of their situation there and the process of them coming home.

Numerous SMSs were spread before we got some more reliable information … and the information passing around the mobile phones (I learnt that even in the spirit of trying to be caring … misinformation actually causes unneccessary alarm/panic) Worse is when one of the Chinese papers capitalized on this incident and “sensationalized” the story. I remember getting 3 Chinese papers and 2 English ones for everyone and especially the Bishop to read once I knew that it’s going to be printed (Now I’ve got loads of lessons on how one relates to the press and how one decides to frame the story and communicate it to the public, and all the complicated factors surrounding this whole process). By the time we left today, we had got a better picture of the “stabilized” situation of those who’ve returned and are returning home.

As far as the retreat was concerned, I enjoyed myself … there were encouraging and challenging “short” messages, substantial conversations with fellow pastors here and there, good food sometimes 🙂 a decent and IMHO fruitful Ministerium meeting … fun-filled humerous discussions, united prayer and intercession times together … drives outside th hotel … a number managed to go for some “shopping”. I would have liked that we could visit the Orang Asli villages .. but we had to rush back …

Maybe I should do a more detailed reflection tomorrow with some pictures. Hmm …

It was good to come home to the kids and May Chin. The “forced” blog-fast (no access there – or at least no time) was in hindsight good …

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