Random Links 38

I thought this was cute too .. (via Willzhead)

We need transformation, not false transcendence
I saw some Richard Rohr books in Borders Times Square this week … will read this article first before checking out his books.

Managing Conflict: The Conversation You Dread
The ministerium meeting I participated at the Cameron retreat discussed about church conflicts and what can we do to ease the conflict. For startes we need to open up conversations, and then try to understand and of course ultimately work towards a good resolution. So this might come in handy.

Worship in the Spirit of Justice
Now this is different .. In a topic which was given to me i.e. “The heart of Worship” on Friday by a group of high school students, I tried to introduce th connection between worship and justice. I found it to be rewarding to share it. I wonder what went through the youngsters mind? 🙂

Hauerwas , Bonheoffer, Activism, and the Church
I wonder who picks the books for Borders at Times Square KL because I saw Stanley Hauerwas’ book on Bonhoeffer there as well … will read this after church tomorrow … hmm …

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