A Pretty Good Morning

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This morning was one of the best mornings so far. The weather was good. Gareth had a good breakfast. We talked. Going to “school” wasn’t a fuss. He even tried putting on his own shoes – and had some fun time saying “hi” to the puppy next door. He really loves it when he sees the puppy playing with its mummy. Then when I ask is he READY to go .. off he runs to the car and crawls into the front seat. I was extremely happy when I left him at “school” he didn’t cry but just waived and said, “Bye, papa!” Now that’s enough to brighten up my day. And of course, made me want to pick him up later (so I called to tell Grandpa – “I’ll do it”.

When I arrived, Gareth was just finishing a couple of books … he’s always been comfortable with books and enjoys them – like me 🙂 And I was quite “proud” of him because he didn’t just want to rush home but took the books and kept them nicely at the relevant shelf – this is more like his mom. After sorting out his own bag, happily we walk to the car together and head to his Grandpa’s house.

This was a pretty good morning … that I treasure. A gift of grace indeed.

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