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Elysia definately didn’t inherit my hair style .. I could never keep my hair up like that! Miss her … hope to have more time tonight .. I love it when she goes into “conversation” mode. I love “conversations” whether it’s infants or adults.

It’s strange how when someone decides to open up nothing will stop them, but if someone chooses not to open up no matter how you “persuade” them it won’t happen. At times, I wonder whether I could handle what is “entrusted” to me during the moments of sharing … it’s so delicate .. it’s an honour … but very “fragile” – we must handle with care. Thank you Lord for that grace today.

Strange how people come up with “answers” (read “excuses”) to justify why they revise or did not do a particular “instruction” which was clearly given. Worse is when some “preachy-spiritualistic” flavour is thrown in. And they assume pastors or perceptive people won’t see through such “nonsense”. I realize I fall into the same trap when i’m not careful … Help us Lord .. when we’re plain lazy or simply messed up – or just should have bucked up.

when will we just give up the “need to control” others … or that false illusion that we always “need to be in control” … life is just so unpredictable, hard to keep it neat and tidy .. of course, we don’t simply go and “mess” things up … other people of unseen factors are already doing a good job turning things upside down … it’s strange once we give up “control”, things actually can settle down better … Ah … lots of words here without the “context” given … but when the “context” is given .. then it makes more sense.

Ah … heard another “opportunist” story today. People banking in on an old man when he’s in a weaker state of mind. Shame on them! Big bullies … or actually … cunning bullies. Well, reality says we’ll always have them around … so “On guard!”

and yet, there so many “broken” people – people whom acknowledge they are weak but being pounded on the head with black and white “statements” or formulas … I’ll never forget what a wise man who told me once – in the context of teaching preaching but I think applies to especially situations where people share their struggles … “it’s not we don’t know what to do, it’s we don’t have the power to do what we know … it starts with forgiveness, moves on with the Real Presence of Christ working in us … a power that comes of ACTUALLY hearing the GOSPEL!” (my paraphrase here)

I still hope to recapture the lost post with the picture … though it won’t come out the same … but there were important themes in that “lost” post … I await for it to be “found” … my hair won’t stand up like Elysia in the picture … but I’ll have the same “wonder” look …

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