Emergent Convention 2005 – Input

Of course, I’ll carry on my “imaginary conversation” slowly .. because it’s going to be a busy two weeks for me .. I’m trying to be an “unbusy” pastor … but I will fail upfront these two weeks as far as busyness is concerned. Loads of repenting and realignment after these two weeks 🙂 after a good few days in an Island for holiday (yippiee! more on that later)

Here’s some blogs I’ll be checking out … for glimpses of the convention and whatever that will spark from there..

Adam Cleaveland – nice chronological approach.

Dan Kimball – one of the few emergentYS line authors who blogged about the convention.

Susie Albert Miller – I think my first link to her was something related to intergenerational concerns … will check her out more.

Aaron Klinefelter (Aaron also has worked hard so we could listen to the podcats provided by conversatio fide)

Will Samson – he threw in some interesting reflections which I hope to engage.

Mark Oestreicher – facinating insider view.

Jay Voorhees – loved the Kitty photo he posted up .. and I think I’d introduce him to my Methodist friends 🙂 and the Gregory of Nyssa Quote he has on his blog really rocks!

Emerging God – a new blog I’ve been following.

Latina Liz – with a recomendation from Rudy Carrasco I realize I need to check this blog out for a wider perspective!

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