Random Links 40

10 Questions for Brian McLaren (via ChipSmith)
Here’s what the interviewer says about the interview, “This is a very long interview. I had planned to edit it, but I would’ve done it an injustice in so doing. So if talk of postmodernism bores you, scroll down to the segments on the media and especially his views on the religious right using the government to censor television. You’ll find him thoughtful and provocative.”

Deep Ecclesiology 1.0
It will be fascinating to see how Andrew Jones fleshes out the concept.

D. A. Carson: Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church
ah .. this book again … but Ryan Bolger from Fuller Seminary has quite a lot to say!

McLaren: A Response to The Last Word and the Word After That
Scott McKnight chips in his intellegience to help us along 🙂

not feeling so good … will sleep after watching the Making of Star Wars III.

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