The Long Walk To Justice

I wonder whether here in Malaysia we’ll be more caught up with the concert rather than the cause …

Make Poverty History
“Every single day, 30,000 children are dying as a result of extreme poverty. This year, 2005, we finally have the resources, knowledge and opportunity to end this shameful situation.” That’s how the website begins … we’re prone to the blame game … but it’s efforts like this that gets us to “begin” doing something aboout it.

Global Call to Action against Poverty
As usual Malaysia is quiet about this .. 🙁 However, I do want to take a little time here to say to those who are doing something about it … Keep up the good work! You are making a difference … even though few people know it …

The UN Millenium Project
A young friend mentioned this to me yesterday .. so I checked out the goals and tha name Jeffrey Sachs online with him. Wow! 10 more years to go … Where do we fit in?

It’s a Long Walk to Justice indeed … the first step for me is Compassion…
This is global issue … I can start locally …
Together we could do so much … it’s got to start somewhere … starting with myself is a good place to begin.
Walk is more important than talk … but without the talk I may not have started the walk …
These seem big steps for humankind in our generation .. almost overwhelming .. . but baby steps are possible … hope is necessary!

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