More than just Black & White


During some conversations I often hear people say many see life in black and white and very little greys in between. And I’ll smile and say but hey … life is full of colour and it not only includes the black and white… as well as greys but the full range of different colours. That is kind of my attempt hopefully encourage my conversation partner to see with me the complexity as well as the beauty of living here on earth.

But I do recall my “artist” dad telling me how he finds something special about black and white photos that colour photos can’t capture. And I took the challenge and took quite a number of them and found that to be true … when the pictures are in black and white there’s a kind of clarity and focus.

having said that, it’s still more than black and white … there are differents shades of grey as well and a variety of tones in terms of light and shadow so with some appreciation I find there is also a different kind of complexity and beauty found in “seeing” the photos in this way … one thing I found is I’m less distrated by the over exposure to colours.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this … but I’m just trying to appreciate black and white again and … also realize that it’s more than just black & white too… and as I look at our two kids – Gareth putting on a tie for the first time 🙂 and Elysia having gulps of laughter … captured in “more than just black & white” photos .. it makes me relook at my life once again. I become a child again.


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