Beam me up Scotty … Part 1

Scott McKnight has been really energized in putting up loads of “POST” posts … which are helpful. Somehow, I find these posts affirming and beams me up … beyond mere polarities or misunderstandings set by others or even myself.

A Post on “post-” in the Emerging conversation
yes … it’s not about being “anti” and his comment on “family” is spot on (at least for me) I found Scott’s use of the “baton” imagery an interesting “complement” to our discussion on 2nd Gen Christians …

The Foundation of being “Post”
Scott says, “The “post” in the “post”modern and the Emerging movement among Christians all over the world is a “post” that says they want to get beyond a kind of evangelicalism that is rooted and shaped by and characterized by “truth claims” to a kind of Christianity that moves beyond “truth claims” to “truth proclaims.” A kind of Christian faith that is centrally a kind of Christian life, a kind of Christian gospel that is proclaimed by performance. A kind of Christian faith that sees its focus in the mission to incarnate and embody and perform the gospel in the local community because the call of Jesus, found eloquently in the Sermon on the Mount, is to “be” a people.” I say yes to all that and the part about church!

The Goal of the “post”
Check out stuff like – “teleological” thinking – a discovery in newness of an old category – perichoretic love – Doing church means a community absorbed with kingdom vision

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