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one thing I like about Dan Kimball is that he’s not here to give us a bag of tricks in his sessions so we can go back and say “Wah! Lah! kazoom … let there be creative worship!”. If that’s what we got from him sessions (i.e. just tricks and techniques) then I think we have missed the whole learning that was intended.

I also think there’s also a sense of insecurity we can leave behind when we begin to introduce richer variety of expressions beyond spoken words and songs sung (that is the trademark of almost all of today’s worship in churches even here in Malaysia). It’s beyond words and song, not no more words and no more music … it’s not just about feelings and experiences and tastes and all that.

it’s about how we can worship corporately with all the gifts of communication/expression given us .. and bringing not just a balance but actually also a corrective in especially affirming the non-verbal as aspects of “doing theology” or “reflective learning” – if it’s just a gimmick sure we miss the point .. but if it’s a gateway to encounter God and be in touch with truths that transform us … now that’s a totally different matter.

I found it amusing how as a “Lutheran” observing Dan who’s from a more Bible church evangelical background appreciate the liturgy, asking the whys behind the order of worship, and also embracing ancient practices that we mainliners often chuck away. It’s like I felt “Hey! to him he sees treasures for worship … why did we see it as trash to throw away? Sorry Lord! sorry those who’ve gone before us. Some repentence of pride is appropriate here”

But then, it’s not just blindly picking and choosing … it’s first going back to the practice, then the history and deeper into the meaning (i.e. theology) then coming back to the surface into our ongoing story today and practices here and now. Fascinating.

One thing for sure … there’s more to Dan then just practical tips.
Read this article From Methodology to Theology: Become Worshiping Communities of Missional Theologians we may not be professional theologians in the university or seminary … but we are missional theologians in our local churches and ministries! I’m happy to see one in practice in the person of Dan and hope to see more …

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