Random Links 45

Living the Gospel
The Chinese has a saying, “Talking about soldiers (or strategies) on paper.” (this is a very amateur translation by me) and this post reminds me that in Reality, i.e. the everyday outworking of the Gospel in our lives, there’s more to just being “taught” and “believing”.

Christian fiction in a virtual world
Will says this is an incredible speech … I’ll read it later.

What is progressive evangelicalism?
Fascinating 4 points … I like especially the part where Steve highlights .. “pologetics as invitation not argumentation.”

The Little Prince and Faith
perhaps I need to get the Little Prince book and read it to Gareth and Elysia …

Weaving Missional Questions into our Interaction with Scripture
great questions to nnot just improve Bible study but improve the way we live!

Women’s Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis
I’ve heard clips from the presentation of this paper by NT Wright … nice to have it in full! I remember this following comment somehow made a deep impression for me on how we word or frame our causes or advance what we’re trying to do, here’s the quote “I do worry a bit about the word ‘equality’ and the language of ‘egalitarian’ and so on. I recognise what is being said of course, and if I didn’t endorse that point I probably wouldn’t be speaking here now; but those words carry so much freight in ouor various cultures that I do wonder whether it’s wise, whether it actually helps the cause you want to set forward, to highlight those terms in the way you do.”

Paul in Different Perspectives
Meeting an NT scholar tomorrow for lunch I wonder what he has to say about this. How about a “Solo Spiritu” together with the other Reformation “Solas!”

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