Random Links 47

Top 50 Most Influential Churches (via Stephen Shields)
Interesting list (I noticed Brian D. McLaren is not mentioned here *grin*) … and I think a lot of names would be familiar to Malaysian Christian leaders. I wonder … who would be the top most influential churches in Malaysia or even growing in influence? How about the following …. in no particular order … any Malaysians want to contribute to the list? (*Note: I do not list them as ideals but only as a sampling of the churches that might be in church leaders minds*)
Damansara Utama Methodist Church
Full Gospel Assembly
Glad Tidings
Calvary Church

Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers (via Bob Carlton)
This reminds me of the elective under the subject Andragogy I took during seminary that first opened my mind for experimentation in this area of learning.

A Holy Ghost Enema… (via Organic church)
I don’t mean to offend any one here especially my friends who would consider themselves Charismatic/Pentecostal. But watching this really reminds me of some of the meetings I was part of, and why I tend to use the term “Post-Charismatic” to describe where I am right now in my spiritual pilgrimage. I’ve grown to “trust” in the work of the Holy Spirit in wider categories these days – or in more liberating ways – surprisingly more than when I was a “full- blown- non-questiong”-charismatic – whatever that means đŸ™‚

Weeds among the wheat
Reading the Gospels these days totally rock me and comfort me at the same time. And immersing myself in parables of Jesus again is really wonderful – and this unique one in the Matthew’s Gospel is a treasure indeed. It’s also encouraging to “hear” from someone who’s “heard” and “taken to heart” the message from last Sunday.

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