Preaching on the Run

I’ve been waiting for Chris Erdman to kind of finish his posts then print it all out to read before I post anything up … but since I’m still trying to figure out how I lost my bookmarks and awaiting a miracle. I thought linking all the following will do me some good 😛

Preaching on the Run: Toward Simpler Way to Prepare
The way I learnt how to preach in seminary was indeed complicated. The last 5 years of experimentation and refreshed reading/learning have brought some fruit though 🙂

A Different Kind of Preparation
Just because I don’t land up writing an exegesis paper doesn’t mean I’m sloppy right?

On Choosing Texts to Preach: Why We Use the Lectionary
though I don’t do it legalistically … but using the lectionary has been most liberating for me … as I grow in this area I find myself understanding the underlying “hermeneutic” found in the lectionary too and am aware of its limitations.

The Christian Year, The Lectionary, and Forming Missional Congregations
The Christian Year has become a non-negotiable part of my own spiritual formation since breaking out of the box of my so called “spontanous-see-what-happens-next” spirituality. Surprisingly, the rhythm of the Christian year has brought me deeper and more open to the Spirit’s work.

Exegesis for Preachers on the Run: Mondays
So often, I don’t want to do anything on Mondays …:-) but then …

On Tuesdays I Chase Words
Gareth just learnt how to say “Tuesday” last week … oh! my! It’s already Wednesday tomorrow!

Chris says,“When you preach you must never tame the text. There’s been too much of that. These sacred texts that bear the Word of God are anything but tame.” What a gem!

“How?” is not the question that gets preachers up in the morning
That’s so true …and I’m growing to understand it’s the “whys” that move me …

Wednesday Exegesis—Reading the Agenda(s) of the Text
So often we’re already crowded with our own agenda(s) …

Thursdays Are for Writing: Exegesis for Preachers on the Run (cont)
I still struggle with writing …. I find myself drawn more to Mind-mapping … I do agree with Chris … on the importance of “seeing” the words on paper … I love the quote by Fred Buechner—that masterful writer— “After forty years of writing books, I find I need to put things into words before I can believe they are entirely real.” For me … I need to at least put it into a mind map.

On Friday, Preacher, Stop and Listen
These words from Chris are so crucial … “As the week draws toward its end, it’s time for the preacher to shift from the active, rational work of thinking and writing to a much more intentionally receptive and prayerful posture before the Word. Having focused on the text Monday through Thursday, the preacher sits before its Author on Friday and Saturday.” I’ll try to in some way practice he suggests and see what happens … but this Friday bit is one thing I don’t want to miss out …

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