PAUSE … after a Good Nap

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Prayer from Today with the help of Sacred Gateway

Taking note of “the Presence of God” – the surrounding cars are a little noisy – busy people rushing from one place to another – in a house alone – had a cup of water … my thirst is quenched.

Moving to some level of “Freedom” … the noise level is coming down. I’m more a ware and yet less bothered. I’m entering a state of being where I’m more ready to listen.

Now it’s just in a mode of “Consciousness” where I can feel calmer – less burdened somehow … perhaps the nap (which I didn’t plan) allowed physical stress to just be released. My head is lighter … feel less entangled within … more space?

the “Word” is before me … I slow down a little more. Mathew 20:20-28.

“What do you want?”

“You do not know what you are asking …”

I sit before my Lord … and we enter “Conversation”

“I seem to have some ideas what do I want? but do I know what am I asking for? In the midst of wanting, I expose my desires and motivations, some noble others unsure, perhaps there are some self-centred, sinful … You show me the cup we are to drink …. I re-examine what I want … and what is REALLY before me…”

I step into a transition under the title “Conclusion”. A conclusion for now this moment where I pause, ponder and pray … entering a moment of contemplation is a moment of grace … and yet, life here and now steps back into the dusty roads I’ll be driving on in a little while … and the grace is not left behind … the presence has not evaporated …

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