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Post-Calvinism: Trinity Student Days
I don’t think I was ever a Calvinist .. so no post-calvinism for me. But, re-looking at Luther has been helpful for me, and Early German Pietism and Bonhoeffer. anyway, I liked the autobiographical approach in this post and look forward to finish the series. *note: it’s good to start here Post-Calvinism: College reading*

On the Drawing Board: Definition of Pastoring
“Pastoring offers and shapes an alternative reality in Jesus the Christ so that others reconnect with God as his new people for the sake of all creation.”
I’m enjoying John Frye’s blog as much as his book Jesus the Pastor I read years ago

Dear Jesus: A Heart-felt Letter of a Friend
This is one letter those who are not pastors who think they’ve been burnt by the church must read. I’m a pastor and I can also relate to a lot of what this letter says (I still recall the so many times I reconsidered this role and calling) … I didn’t walk out the door (and I don’t judge those who choose to make a change in vocation, I seek to wallk with them anyway).. so together Fr’nklin with I’m following Christ afresh! That to me is more important.

How do we measure?
This is so timely after hearing people choose to measure me based on numbers! for me the Mission field is where we are already situated as well as the traditional idea of overseas.

slow learner
good ideas to out legs on our values!

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