A pretty good view …


ok finally I can have a more “leisurely” blog entry … after quite an eventful 2 weeks since my birthday 🙂

Here are two pictures evening and morning outside our new home (i.e. apartment). It’s been a good change thus far and has served as a “sanctuary” for us. I had a pretty good “swim” last week. So far, the sleep has been good (even though Elysia had a “learning curve” as far as her patterns are concerned.) I’m looking forward for some times of solitude (which was harder in my previous home). Gareth has been having loads of fun running around and thoroughly like his new room (though he crawls back into our bed every night – that’s his learning curve.) As for my wife May Chin …She’s happy … and that’s good. In fact, it’s been more than a pretty good view so far. And we’re thankful.


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