Random Thoughts before I go to Seremban


Elysia is REALLY cute these days!

It’s been a while since I’ve gone for seminary functions, so I’m looking forward for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s graduation. Maybe I’ll take some pictures.

The next week looks scary in terms of schedule … here’s what is going to be in our church weekly liveupdate. These are responsibilities beyond BLC (which also has some important stuff I’m initiating these two months).

*this will be a packed week for me – extra prayer support appreciated ~ Sivin*
Lord we pray for …
– Sivin as he participates in the LCMS KL District Leaders Meeting on 17 October 2005, Monday
– Sivin as he facilitates & designs the LCMS education Lay leaders 2 year training programme with the “Chinese” team – Rev. Wong, Rev. Tang, Ps. Chan on 18 October 2005,Tuesday.
– Sivin as he facilitates the morning devotion for Scripture Union staff on 19 October 2005, Wednesday.
– Sivin as he participates in the Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM) Curriculum review meeting on 20 October 2005, Thursday
– Sivin as he participates in the Christian Federation Malaysia (CFM) 7th National Christian Conference with Bishop Lok on 20-22 November, 2005, Thursday – Saturday..

I’m enjoying my drive with Gareth to school these days … he never ceases to surprise me.

Ah… I’m still behind a lot of blog reading …. hope to get a phone line at home ASAP and transfer my broadband line over 😛

I’ve been having a number of good swims lately .. I feel so much better and healthier …

I’m still unpacking or need to start unpacking my notes and papers etc for my new study room.

had a good time of “solitude” this morning … I think I’ll have some more before the graduation service tomorrow. Oh yes … need to catch up on my reading for my masters program too … phew. Lots of catching up …

haven’t done more “serious” blogging on some topics that concern me lately … well, soon …

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