Random Thoughts before Going Home

Phew .. I’m glad I could catch up some work quickly after a whole day at Seremban and then at Corus Hotel Ampang a while ago for the Christian Federation Malaysia opening and dinner.

I found the opening address by the CFM Chairman Bishop Dr. Paul Tan highlighting “Justice” and “Love” to be very insightful and refreshing!

Finally I met someone a Mr. CB whom was the one who wrote a pretty good article I wanted to quote on the blog … and got permission. Soon it shall come!
It was ngood to talk about a number of things like emergent … and emergent Malaysia specifically (which I know is moving slowly)

It was great to catch up with some new friends and a number of old ones.

Oh yes! The train ride to Seremban was Fantastic … and the interaction at the seminary very fruitful. I do hope some of my input would benefit the curriculum review 🙂 I’m encouraged that they are actually doing a review in the first place. That’s a good sign.

I hope to print this Candidacy Manual just in case I can’t follow the sessions tomorrow and got some reading material … heheh .. of course, the manual is just a springboard to sharpen my own ideas for our context. Copying wont’ work here …

Ok .. I managed to blog a little … but still miss the leisurely way I used to blog … perhaps it’s a different season. That’s ok. There’s a lot more reflections catching up with my faST MOVING body … whoosh!

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