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An Interview with Scot McKnight
Hey thanks Scot … I saw a familiar name in the interview đŸ™‚

How Emergent Are You? McLaren’s Seven Layers of the Emergent Conversation
Layers makes it sound like some onion … I like onions! I’m getting hungry …

James Macdonald and Emergent
Caricatures tend to distract us from the real people we are engaging … hmm … I know it works both ways.

I’ve been a little out of touch with the debate … but eavesdropping here helps clarify what’s going on … the following is pretty good, “Because emerging is neither neo-orthodox nor neo-liberal, and not even simply old-fashioned evangelicalism, it will have features from each of the movements behind it — including (God be thanked) classical creedal Christianity. The frustration of many in trying to define it is, in my judgment, the fault in part of emerging itself for it is both in process and unwilling to let itself be defined by a theological system.
Instead, it seeks to be faithful to the summons of Jesus to live as followers of Jesus, to live out the Kingdom in everything we do and say, and to let the chips fall where they may.”

Emerging Solutions—and Problems
Prof. Gibbs words here are worth a pause, “… in a post-Christian and increasingly neo-pagan society, people need to see the gospel in action and to be included. Thus they will experience the impact of the message as part of coming to believe. The distinction between Carson and emergent leaders may lie in the difference between the faith as a “bounded” set, one that defines who is inside and who is outside, and a “centered” set, which is more concerned with the direction in which people are traveling, toward or away from Christ.”

A Brief Snapshot of the Emerging Church
Interesting ..

Will rounds it up nicely with the following … “Speaking of “the church that is emerging,” Brian McLaren mentioned that this might be a better title than “the emerging church.” I like that because it connects deeply into the Church at her root rather than speaking of the work we are participating in as some new expression.” Ok, fellow Africans and Asians and Latin American brothers and sisters … we’re joining the party too .. or perhaps they are joining our party … nevermind … we’re all in this party?!

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