Random Thoughts while waiting …


Hopes are up that I can do some “decent” overdue blogging during this holiday season – i.e. one week! (yes .. I know I’ve been saying this for quite a while)

Goal number 1 today is to fix a cupboard ASAP for my queen … 🙂 my wife!

I REALLY want to get back to some “disciplined” reading this week.

There have been some interesting email exchanges from my seminary alumni (mostly seniors) about the standards and directions of current seminary education in Malaysia. I’m planning to give some input.

It’s raining … and it’s nice to be at home when it’s raining … so cool and refreshing.

Oh it’s REFORMATION DAY today … we printed Luther’s 95 thesis and gave it out yesterday during our worship gathering. I don’t recall anyone doing that for me when I was growing up in a Lutheran church in Malaysia 😛 I’m not “into” mindless traditionalistic separatist denominationalism but I do appreciate our heritage I hope those in the BLC family too.

It’s still a roller coaster ride as far as ministry is concerned. Rewarding and challenging … with new responsibilities I decided to give up being a member of Toastmasters which I’ve enjoyed the last couple of years. But I do want to keep the relationships in tact. I’m open to new ways God may be opening up chances to engage those unlike me .. “others”

I’m REALLY excited about this week’s holiday … and tomorrow’s outing will be a good start! In fact having some “solitude” today is already a better start than usual.

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