Random Thoughts after “Silent Prayer”


Making the “space” for silent prayer is so needed for me. A simple Awareness Examen settled me down. Walking through John 3:1-17 (later I glanced 18-21) using Lectio Divina made more room for me to spend some time Listening and reflecting on the Dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus. The unhurriedness of practising this “Sacred space” is so needed!

I wondered yesterday what if we had another one? 🙂 Seeing Gareth and Elysia grow up has been rewarding. But there are also times like when the “sleeping” patterns are disrupted and things get frustrating that in our weakness we are tired as well.

May Chin sorted out my room!!!! Thanks, luv! I’m still trying to find out where’s some of my things 😛

We had a very quite “wedding anniversary” – wow! it’s been 7 years! I was away in Cameron Highlands. But, we managed to get in touch. So, often in my kind of schedules, lots of personal events have to be interupted here and there.

Lots of phonecalls to make, appointments to fix, meetings to support or facilitate. Lots of space needed for thinking, listening, praying, dreaming, fine-tuning.

The last two days has been helpful to “re-enter” my own life and ministry a fresh. The weeks away in Seremban with students of the seminary and another one with church leaders and pastors in Cameron has made some things clearer to me.

Changes .. changes … changes … unsettledness … pilgrimage … wilderness .. wanderings … whisperings … wonderings …. starting all over again … back to the drawing board … it’s no longer about having the right plan, it’s now more about being “prepared” …. Relooking at how “practices” & “processes” fit into the whole equation.

Friends move on, new friends enter in. Family adjustments and adaptations. Schedules running on a variety of rhythms – some times better, other times crazy! I need a swim ASAP. Re-practicing slowing down has been helpful … many a times, I think it’s more about “slowing down” internally as well …

I love it when Elysia says “it’s raining” in Mandarin .. “Xia Yu Lor!” 🙂 I’m always blessed to see the world through her eyes. Her loud crying can be difficult to handle, but when she’s in her “wonder” mode … she’s an amazing “sign” pointing me back to stuff I need to see!

Slowly … re-entering back into normal mode.

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