Random Thoughts During a football match


I’m happy for Asia – KOREA REPUBLIC 2-1 TOGO!

I’ve been having some “long meetings” lately … all necessary … no nonsense … lots of laughter … many moments of seriousness … real engagement … we are dealing with important stuff 🙂

I still haven’t seen X-Men: The Last stand yet. Lots of other stuff to do first like “revising” the draft of a statement from the recent pastors & leaders retreat.

Looking forward for this Saturday’s BLC Anniversary Worship Celebration and dinner. Interesting liturgy with some important additions … a special “magical” appearance of Uncle Paul Long will be special indeed! 🙂

I notice I’ve been falling asleep after the half-time whistle during the midnight football matches so far. I’m awake now because I’m blogging. I just heard a shout outside my apartment. Some people are getting a little too excited over this FIFA World Cup.

We had an interesting night Gareth and me last night when he couldn’t sleep because of itchiness. I tried telling stories and he started telling stories. And then I can’t remember who fell asleep first. I thought that was nice. Hope he sleeps through tonight.

I’m grateful for those who’ve been so faithful in “serving” in their respective roles and responsibilities in BLC. Now we are exploring deeper what “calling” REALLY means. A response to the divine initiative? 🙂 an honor … with lots of learning experiences along the way. Part and parcel of spiritual fomation.

Might drop by the hospital tomorrow … Lord, please be merciful to Aunty.

Got an email today requesting prayer. And we shall pray … for one another. Christ have mercy.

Nothing much to say tonight. Perhaps more tomorrow.

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