6th Anniversary Photo Appetizers


I’m grateful to see many working behind the scenes as well as more visible aspects. And for those who showed up and join our thanksgiving!

I enjoyed myself joining the deco team on Friday to see what they did. It was more of how they did it together that was worth the trip.

game-2.JPG game-1.JPG

game-3.JPG game-5.JPG

Guessing “Who am I?” has always been a fun and simple game. I was “Richard Gere” 🙂 The laughter was good.

affirm-2.JPG affirm-1.JPG

I’m grateful we could make room for Yu Chiet, Gim Han, Ee Chia and Kia Meng to take some baby steps in affirming their faith, reconnecting to a local congregation and refocusing on their missional calling! 🙂

food-1.JPG food-2.JPG

Of course, the post worship gathering buffet meal is very much part of the celebration

table-1.JPG table-2.JPG

table-3.JPG table-4.JPG

One thing I enjoyed this year is to see a good mix around the tables where different generation mixed and we could have closer conversations with our guests.

Thanks DB for the appetizers. More to come!

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