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Thanks Cory for the invite. Will be exploring its potentials in due time.

Transforming Spirituality (A Summary of F. LeRon Shults’ Three-Day Session)
I’m amazed by the amount of summaries Richard J. Vincent “gifts” to us. This paragraph is so needed for anyone of us talking about “spiritual transormation”: “God calls me to find my identity in God. My life is hid with Christ in God. My identity is not ultimately found in how others react to me. Others may crush/crucify or abandon me. But God will never crush or abandon me. We desperately attempt to secure the true, good, and beautiful in finite relationships and by our own control. A spirituality that does not live in fear of being crushed or abandoned by a finite other because it is rooted in the absolute infinite life of the God will not only transform us, but will be transforming to others. In this way, transforming spirituality is not only about personal transformation, but the transformed person as an agent of transformation in his or her environment.”

The Little Way: The Power of Small Things (Luke 13:18-21)
Another gem from Richard (many thanks). I need to hear this, “Small acts result in big change over time. Mother Teresa is right, “To God, there is nothing small.” All acts contain the seed of the future and will affect lives far beyond this time and place. This gives us patience, hope, and a humble sense of accomplishment.”

No, I!
Sherman getting a little excited about all things theology.

Ten propositions on preaching
Proposition one already grabbed me into read on:
“1. What is a sermon? Wrong question. A sermon is not a what but a who. A sermon is Jesus Christ expectorate. You eat the book; it is sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach (Rev. 10:9-11); you spit out the Word and spray the congregation. When grace hits the mark, it always begins with an unpleasant recoil.”

Moltmann on Mission
I liked both expositions on “Mission” and “participation”.

I’m still dwelling on this as far as reflection goes even though in practice it’s more challenging.

Jesus the Pastor
2 great quotes .. get the book, and i’m waiting for the sequel!

The Missional Church
nice to be reminded and sharpened on this.

The Second Coming of Superman: Finally, a “Christian” movie not marketed to churches
I can never forget mom and my cousin sister waiting for me after school to bring me to watch the first classic Superman movie. Ah memories …

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