Random Thoughts without any Football matches

I managed to swim quite a bit this week. I’ll pat myself on the back. 😛

I’m a little tired now physically (not because of the swim) because of a long day. But there have been good stuff happening … orientation for new ministry support for BLC, sharig contacts, good worship practice and prayer … spiritually and emotionally refreshing.

Glad there’s no football to day. Need a break. May Chin says tomorrow the whole family will be watching the Germany and Argentina match. Wow! I’ll get the chips!

It was great when Elysia yelled on top of her lungs “Papa! Papa!” when she heard me coming up the stairs to pick her up to go home from my mum’s place. Then when I reached the door, she said “Mummy?” …

Gareth and I practiced a simple “share your hi and low” examen exercise. with so many forces aready beginning to shape Gareth’s young mind and soul, I’m conscious the little things we do together with him would make a long term difference. That’s our heart’s desire – Christian formation beginning at home.

May Chin’s cake came out pretty good. Bravo! The taste was fine for me.

Lots of “stuff” to catch up tomorrow. I’ll try to sleep earlier tonight — I mean at midnight. 🙂

The traffic in the city doesn’t look like it’s going to improve. This has become so much part and parcel of my everyday travel … very often it drives me nuts, other times I manage to “redeem” the time doing some thinking, reflection or day dreaming … with my eyes open of course, radio is boring, the music has mostly revolves around the same old thing even if it’s hits.

Turning off the radio did some good … the silence is helpful at some stage – transforms the car into a moving chapel?

the day didn’t start so well today with a number of mini-crisis situations and not the most upbeat, but the evening has turned out better. Patience and perseverance was needed this morning, thanksgiving is reserved before I sleep.

And sleep I will go.

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