YLG 06: African Worship

This is a glimpse of one moment that really helped me connect with God during the time of corporate worship at the YLG 06. It was unique, authentic, earthy, moving, heartfelt, contextual and God honoring …. perhaps I’m growing older 🙂 so, following trends especially popular trends is no longer appealing to me … but when I heard our African brothers and sisters leading us through their songs, my heart was genuinely open which was what I needed.

I bumped into the Zambian brother who led the songs at the straircase in the resort. We shook hands and I expressed my gratitude for the chance to participate in their expression of worship. He looked a little startled by my words of appreciation … but seriously, being in that kind of atmosphere wasn’t just about fun (which i surely was for many), it connected to a deep sense of humanity and how God redeems our cultures for his good. That glimpse was what I needed. I’m sure it’s not just for me …

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