Random Thoughts on the first day of my 34th year


[the above picture was taken during our YLG06 small group farewell supper with Sate and nice drinks Thanks to our Mentor John Bond]

I’m still recovering physically and to some degree emotionally from last week’s intense series of events, opportunities, ups as well as downs. Overall, a lot of decent surprises. There’s a lot of “raw” material that still needs time to digest and settle in.

Had a wonderful and satisfiying nap this afternoon … Gareth had one too. I was concerned this morning when I noticed he was “wheezing” quite a bit. He’s sleeping now and looks better.

I enjoyed our father and son lunch time today, especially when he chose his own food to eat and then we had some conversations over the table. He’s going to turn 4 this coming Sunday October 8. It’s a big step for him. We’ve been preparing him for quite some time 🙂 no pressure! Just some preparation …

Last night both the kids were too exhausted to go for the orginally planned birthday bash for me .. which is ok. We had it tonight at “Madam Kwan’s” in Bangsar. As usual May Chin chose something more Malaysian, and I went for my default Lamb Chop and chips … hehe … We had a Chinese dimpling soup in the middle. All of us had a great time. It’s been a while since we’ve had dinner outside as a family.

Bought a Chinese book today while taking Gareth for a walk in MPH Midvalley … It’s on the cultural history of China (with some nice pictures). Perhaps as I’ve stepped into near mid thirties *smile* I’m drawn back to my roots. I think the last Chinese book I bought was entitled “The Ugly Chinese” 🙂

It’s raining right now … and soon in November I need to be ready for winter in Germany. I’ve been travelling more than usual as the the year is coming to an end. I hope to wrap this season well.

Looking forward to get back to a normal rhythm tomorrow.

There’s so much I wish I could blog about .. slowly. I’m pretty excited by being able to post up some of the videos I’ve captured with my little Canon A70. More will be coming … words, images, and videos …

Need to dwell in Galatians this week … Saturday will be an interesting time when I hope to share it in first person perspective to some degree …

I’d like to create some space for my scattered thoughts to settle this week and even bring them into focus.

I also hope to spend some time to allow for centering prayer and prayer journaling since last week rushed past too fast. Slowing the time down in my imagination is going to do some good.

Do I feel older? A little 🙂 and that’s ok …

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